Sunday, August 1, 2010

Great news!... thanks to the disastrous economy, political contributions from super-rich Dem donors are drying up

Looks like the super-rich Dem donors who gave major bucks to Dem politicians in prior years are a little stingy when it comes to donating to Jerry Brown's campaign. 

Maybe some of the the super-rich Dem donors are wising up.  Obama and the Dems spent more than a trillion dollars in stimulus money and bailouts and all we have to show for it is an unemployment rate of 10% and sky-high deficits. 

More likely, Dem donors have less to spend because their balance sheets have shriveled.

Dan Morain did some research on donor habits and here is what he found:

  • The family of Angelo K. Tsakopoulos has given $42,500 to Brown's campaign. That's a lot for you and me. But four years ago, the family spent $12 million in a failed effort to elect Phil Angelides governor.
  • Hollywood producer Stephen L. Bing has given $290,000 to the California Democratic Party and Brown this year. That's hardly pocket change, but in 2006, Bing spent almost $50 million on an initiative.
  • Hollywood billionaire Haim Saban gave $200,000 to former Gov. Gray Davis' 2002 reelection. He has given $25,900 to Brown, dribbled out over the past year, and $25,900 to Whitman. 

More: Dem billionaire billionaire Eli Broad, who gave $50,000 to an independent campaign for Brown, also donated $25,900 to Whitman.

Not all the news is bad for Moonbeam, however.  Los Angeles billionaire Ron Burkle has given $100,000 to Brown's campaign.

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