Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rank and file union workers are about to learn what their union bosses are doing with dues money

Meg Whitman is going over the heads of the union bosses to appeal to rank and file workers.

This week Whitman is continuing her outreach to nurses who belong to the California Nurses Association, now headed up by ultra-leftist Roseanne DeMoro.  The campaign sent a mailer to thousands of nurses highlighting the $50,000 the CNA leadership spent on a bus that travels to Whitman campaign events -- plus a limo and and street theater actors who mock Whitman.

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Last week the campaign launched to highlight the union's misuse of union dues, and to give the other side of the story.  Research shows Whitman's strategy could pay off -- a June poll found 40% of nurses already support Whitman, compared to 43% who support Moonbeam.  Check out the graphic below.

The lesson: rank and file workers don't blindly follow ultra-partisan union bosses.

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