Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Whitman says Jerry Brown's Nazi comments were "bizarre and disturbing"

Asked to respond to Jerry Brown comparing her campaign to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, Meg Whitman told Eric Hogue she found Brown's comments "bizarre and disturbing."

Whitman: “I think it’s bizarre and somewhat disturbing. And, it’s sort of remarkable to me, really. And, with regard to the fact that he didn’t know he was on the record – Jerry Brown has been in politics for 40-years (slight chuckle). Jerry Brown knows exactly how this game works. I think that is a belated excuse for an inappropriate comment.”

Hogue: Has there been any communication of apology?

Whitman: “No." (chuckle)

Hogue: Do you expect it to happen?

Whitman: “That would be surprising to me. It would be a nice thing to do, but I don’t think we’re going to be hearing from the Brown Campaign on this issue.”

Hogue: Is there every a moment that – as a candidate – you’re off-record?

Whitman: “No (full laugh). You’re on record all the time, because this is politics. It’s a very high profile race and so you have to be aware of who you’re talking to all the time.”

Whitman's reaction is about the same as most Californians who've weighed in on the issue.  But Moonbeam is still whining that he thought the remarks were off the record, showing a remarkable tin ear.

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