Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Partial list of geezers who turn 72 this year

Born April 7, 1938, Jerry Brown turns 72 today.  Check out this partial list of other celebrities who were also born in 1938:

Bruce Babbit
Mary Frances Berry
Helen Caldicott (anti-nuclear activist)
Tommy Chong
Gary Collins
John Dean
Michael Deaver
Brian Dennehy
Alan Dershowitz
Steve Dunleavy
Ron Ely (starred in "Tarzan" TV show)
Bob Eubanks
Connie Francis
Ira Glasser
Elliot Gould
Sherman Hemsley (George Jefferson, "The Jeffersons")
Wolfman Jack
Peter Jennings
Evel Knievel
Tom Lester (Eb from "Green Acres")
Ali MacGraw
Willie McCovey
Don Meredith
Manuel Noriega
Sam Nunn
Rudolph Nureyev
Joyce Carol Oates
Jim Otto
Charley Pride
Kenny Rogers
Connie Stevens
Ted Turner
Liv Ullman
Jon Voight
Maxine Waters
Fred Williamson
Jerry West
Natalie Wood
Peter Yarrow (from Peter, Paul and Mary)

The common demoninator?  In almost every case, their best work was done decades ago.

Which tells me Moonbeam is almost certainly past his prime.


Anonymous said...

WTF Take Jon Voight off the list.

No Moonbeam said...

Von Voight is a great American and a smart guy and a patriot. But still, his best career work is long past.