Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moonbeam shows he is out of step with voters

Sacramento Bee reporter Jack Chang followed Jerry Brown around the Dem convention over the weekend, and filed this account of Moonbeam's activities at the convention:

Brown made Whitman's high-priced campaign a focus over the weekend while framing his own frugality as a selling point. He played populist notes: bashing Wall Street bankers and promising to elevate families over commerce.

When talking to college Democrats, Brown won thunderous applause by slamming rising tuition rates, declaring, "Enough is enough. We have to stop it and roll it back. That's what we've got to do!"

Before the California Teachers Association, Brown denounced standardized tests, which he said were being overused, and praised the bond between teachers and students.

Brown courted the women's caucus by touting his controversial nomination of Rose Bird as chief justice of the state's Supreme Court during his first stint as governor.

At the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender caucus, Brown pledged to continue defending same-sex marriage.

Dude.  Pandering to unions and feminists and Dem gay activists.  And criticizing tuition increases.  And bragging about appointing Rose Bird??  Moonbeam is way out of step with voters in 2010.

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