Monday, March 1, 2010

Master of reinvention

Jerry Brown has morphed into so many forms over the past few decades, the pundits are having a tough time predicting which Jerry Brown will show up for this year's campaign for governor.

At 71, Brown is attempting to retake the office he held at 36, which would give him the historic distinction of serving as both California’s youngest and oldest governor. His decades of political shape-shifting provide him a host of campaign memes and identities from which to choose.

What strategic message will he articulate? Will voters see the fiery prairie populist, shaking his fist at banks and corporate interests? The savvy, world-weary work hand, who understands better than anyone how to repair the broken machinery of government? Or the avuncular senior statesman, whose age-foreshortened ambitions position him to make painful choices other politicians cannot?

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