Saturday, March 13, 2010

PG&E executives donate big money to Moonbeam

So how much of my utility bill is padded so these morons can donate big money to elect a big-government Democrat who will raise my taxes?

California Attorney General Jerry Brown’s gubernatorial campaign received a bunch of contributions Wednesday totaling more than $23,500 from PG&E’s upper management:

Chairman and CEO Peter Darbee (pictured above) — $10,000
President Christopher Johns — $1,000
Senior Vice President and General Counsel Hyun Park — $2,500
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer John Keenan – $1,500
Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer Helen Burt — $1,500
Senior Vice President John Simon of Human Resources — $2,000
Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Nancy McFadden — $2,000
Director of State Agency Relations Mark Krausse — $2,010
Vice President and Managing Director of Law Sanford Hartman — $1,000

The only other top PG&E officials to give money to Brown’s campaign made their contributions back in December: Senior Vice President of Regulatory Relations Thomas Bottorff gave $1,000 and Government Relations Director Lawrence Simi gave $1,500.

Maybe these fake public servants need to hear from the rate payers.  (Photo credit: Douglas Zimmerman)

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