Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Field Poll: Jerry Brown now trails Whitman by slim margin

A shockwave just hit the Jerry Brown campaign - a Field Poll to be released Wednesday will show Meg Whitman holds a commanding lead over GOP rival Steve Poizner, and has edged ahead of Moonbeam.

Whitman also overtook Brown in a possible general election matchup, winning the support of 46 percent of likely voters compared with Brown's 43 percent, the poll found. Brown had led Whitman by 10 percentage points in the January poll and by 21 points in October.

Whitman has gained momentum as she's blanketed the state in TV ads touting her decade-long tenure as CEO of the online auction firm eBay and listing reasons "why we can't trust Steve Poizner."
Jerry Brown has gotten a lot of media attention the past couple of weeks, thanks to a series of softball interviews Brown has done since he announced he was running for governor. I don't think the Brown people thought they'd be trailing Whitman at this point.

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